You will find a range of training materials below on how to use the Service Finder tool.

There is an interactive Service Finder Tool Guide below. This provides an overview of all of the different functions available in Service Finder. If you prefer to view this in a separate window, please click here.

We have also provided a range of brief training videos. These have been grouped together as one playlist on our YouTube channel, or you can click the specific section you are interested in below.

The project team can be contacted on if you have any questions.

What does the Service Finder homepage look like?

How do I use the side menu to filter?

For more information about saving tags please view this short PDF.

What do the different filters do?

How do I search using a postcode?

What information is available about services?

How can I save and share services with others?

How can I suggest new services, organisations or venues to be added to the Service Finder?

You can also view this short PDF for more information.

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About the ACSS project

Find out more about the 'Access to Community Support & Services' project.

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How can we register our services?

A overview of the simple options for you to register services or sessions as part of the project.

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How is the data handled?

A summary of the approach to handling data and the detailed supporting documents.