Free 5-week Beginners Digital and Computer Course, Boscombe

The Bournemouth Digital Project confidence building course, is a fun, useful and interesting course for beginners wishing to gain confidence in basic online and Windows computer skills, online security, employability, and online money saving advice.

At the Boscombe Engagement Hub, every Friday from 7th July till the 4th August 2023

  • To book a space please contact us via this form or phone / text 07929 70990. This is a first come first serve booking system.

What the course is about:

Week 1. Induction

Week 2. Basic skills

  • Keyboard and mouse skills
  • How to navigate around your computer including how to open programmes and access the internet
  • How to create a folder and stay organised
  • Emailing / sending / replying / attachments
  • Useful websites

Week 3. Internet skills (How using the internet can be useful)

  • How to use the internet
  • Filling out forms. Grocery shop
  • Booking a train / day out (Using Google maps)
  • Employability / Online job search websites
  • Useful websites

Week 4. Keeping yourself safe online

  • How to keep your computer updated
  • Being aware of scams
  • Password safety
  • Email safety
  • Social media safety
  • Useful websites

Week 5. Online finance

  • Online banking demonstration (laptop and mobile)
  • Accessing other financial tools e.g. Universal credit / Future proof finance quiz
  • Create and edit a word document /Budgeting
  • Continue learning with Learn My Way
  • Useful websites

After the 5 week course has been undertaken, each individual will be offered the potential opportunity for additional 1-2-1 support, to further enhance their digital knowledge.

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