Outcomes & Impact Measurement (June)

How to define your outcomes, measure them and establish a framework.

Proving you make a difference – Measuring outcomes

All of us live and breathe the work of our organisation and feel it’s obvious that it’s making a difference, but sometimes we may be wrong!

It may be that we are making more of a difference than we think. Recently a local community centre counted the number of users it had each week and found that it was nearly double what they thought!

We may think that everyone inside and outside our organisation knows what difference we make, but when you ask them you get a different story. People, including funders, want to know what difference is being made so it reinforces their support. So there are good reasons for each organisation to know what difference it is making and ensure they can measure it (however unscientific or statistical).

This 2.5-hour course will include:

  • Useful ideas and concepts about defining outcomes
  • How to measure outcomes
  • Tools to take away
  • How to get started designing an Outcomes Framework.

It will be led by Steve Place, CAN’s Senior Advisor who has over 40 years experience of working in the sector, supported by Lousie Stewart, CAN’s Funding Adviser who is also a Support Officer for the Architectural Heritage Fund, Kirsty Main, Funding Officer Dorset for The National Lottery Community Fund (who will talk about what funders are looking for) and Poppy Sargeaunt, Chatterbox Coordinator (sharing how they measure and report on their work).

Please note – this class is replacing the cancelled class from December 8th/March 11th, 2023. Any bookings from previous dates will be carried over.

Accessing Beech House

This training session will take place at Beech House in the Boardroom on the Ground Floor. Please attend the Wimborne Road entrance and press the intercom for ‘CAN’ to enter the building. Please contact bethan.hopkins@can100.org if you have any access requirements.

Important note on parking

There is NO parking available at Beech House, off-street parking is available at Poole Stadium (BH15 2BP) and Serpentine Lane (BH15 2BQ). Please note charges apply.

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