Group Dynamics and Facilitation

This workshop is designed to support participant to understand group dynamics in a support setting, and to manage and coordinate groups.
Group support can be a valuable and effective intervention for people living with complex or difficult circumstances. The ability to share your knowledge and experiences with others while also learning from the knowledge and experience of others can lead to new ways of thinking and approaching situations, as well as supporting a reduction in feelings of isolation. At the same time, groups can be organic and unpredictable, with each instance bringing new personalities and new complications.

By learning how groups form, engage, and resist, and by understanding how to create an environment that emphasises the needs of the group as well as those of the individuals within it, group facilitators can support groups to maintain focus, cohesion, and effectiveness.

This workshop is designed to support staff and organisations to understand group dynamics within a supportive setting, and to manage and coordinate groups, or supervise others to do so.

Our workshop includes:

  • Formats – Discussions of the different forms of support groups.
  • Stages of group development – The stages of group formation.
  • Group factors – The various elements that affect group dynamics.
  • Interventions – How to manage challenging behaviour in a group setting.

Aims and Objectives:

  • An understanding of the why group support is desirable.
  • An understanding of how groups form and develop.
  • An exploration of situations that can occur, and how they can be managed.
  • An understanding of how to overcome challenges in a group situation.

Who is it for?
This workshop is for staff and organisations that are considering or currently providing support groups. Participants do not have to have been previously involved in group activities as this workshop can work as an introduction to the theories of group dynamics.

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