This page outlines the process for submitting service and session information to the NHS Dorset ‘Access to Community Support & Services’ project. There is more information about the purpose and aims of the project available here.

What do we need to do before adding services or sessions?

  1. Check with colleagues or peers in your organisation to confirm the main point of contact for submitting and reviewing your data, so as not to duplicate any work.
  2. Review our data handling webpage. We do not require you to sign an agreement, however, we do ask for you to confirm you have read and understood the overview explaining how we handle data. Please make sure you review this and contact us with any queries or concerns.
  3. Ensure your data is accurate. Check with relevant colleagues or peers to ensure your information is correct at the time of submission.

What information will we need available?

Standard information you will need to provide for the data set includes:

  • Organisation: name; website; main contact; email; phone, address; opening times.
  • Services: name; target audience; cost; description; service contact/email/phone; geographical coverage; age limits; service weblink.
  • Sessions: venue; frequency; days; dates; times.

What is the preferred option for submitting service information?

We recommend submitting information via the Excel spreadsheet template and returning to Additional advice on completing the spreadsheet cells is available here.

Is there an alternative to submitting via the template?

We want to make submitting data as easy as possible. If you wish you can submit your information via the Microsoft Form below.

Alternatively you can send details of your services (including any links or flyers) to

If you have any questions about submitting your information, or which method is most appropriate for you, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

What happens once our information has been submitted?

  1. Information is reviewed against Open Referral UK standards. We will ensure that the information provided adheres to Open Referral UK data standards and all fields are complete. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you for clarification.
  2. Your information is added to the data set. Once assured, your organisation and service data will be included in the master data set. This informs our new Service Finder tool and any existing tools or directories working with the project. You will be able to request changes or removal of information at any time.
  3. Information is reviewed on a rolling basis. We will agree a reasonable period to check whether your organisation and service information is still up to date. We anticipate this will take place every 3 to 6 months for most services.

We look forward to working with voluntary organisations, community groups, and statutory services throughout this project. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting (online or in-person), please contact us at

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