WE EMPOWER the local sector

At CAN, we provide professional and practical support to organisations working in the local voluntary and community sector (sometimes referred to as the VCS). We help groups right from the start, empowering them to become strong and independent, with good governance and management. We provide support when it’s needed so organisations can evolve and adapt – and the sector can grow and thrive.

We have years of experience empowering the VCS, which we use to:

  • Help build and grow the VCS locally
  • Promote and champion the value of the VCS
  • Provide high-quality information, support, advice and training to local voluntary organisations, community groups and charities
  • Empower grassroots community groups to meet local emerging needs
  • Help organisations to work collaboratively and share resources
  • Cascade national best practice.

100% of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole groups satisfied with the individual advice and support they receive from CAN.

“CAN are an essential service to this community in BCP area. We would not be able to do such a wonderful job without them in place.”

Your views and feedback inform our work and plans.

Last year we provided expert support to 132 groups on a one-to-one basis in the BCP area – enabling them to deliver essential work in their community and reduce health and care inequalities. We regularly check in with groups to make sure we’re on track with the support we deliver.

  • 97% were very satisfied and 3% satisfied with our service
  • 97% would recommend our service to friends or colleagues
  • 91%-100% said the work improved their governance, management, quality, sustainability and growth

The most common areas of advice and support were:

  • general management and governance (36%)
  • constitutions/setting up (32%)

These are impressive numbers and thanks goes to Steve Place our Senior Advisor for his continued hard work. But we’re always striving to do more. As a result of your feedback we’ll be:

  • helping groups better describe the benefits and positive outcomes of their work, through a series of training, advice and support
  • further developing our Membership Zone to allow more self-sevice and provision of more templates and tool kits
  • proactively cotacting groups post our support to check in on their progress

See Full Report Here

Here’s how we can support and advise you

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