Community wellbeing in partnership with NHS Dorset

There are increasing stresses impacting our daily lives and a growing mental health crisis in our country. Sometimes we may feel isolated, overwhelmed, stressed, or mentally unwell and need additional support in order to manage what is happening in our lives.

We are working in collaboration with communities, the voluntary and community sector (VCS), NHS and local authority partners, to develop community wellbeing support across Dorset. It’s about connection and partnerships so that together, we can provide a comprehensive offer of support.

We are connecting and learning from communities and local organisations to understand what is already happening in their area, what is working well, understand the gaps in support and develop a vision for wellbeing support in their community.  

Investing in the VCS

In Dorset, we have a skilled and vibrant voluntary and community sector that already has a positive impact on people’s lives. They provide a breadth of professional support, in a timely way, whatever that support may be.

We invest in the sector, enabling them to continue and expand the fantastic work that they do. We work together with them to develop innovative solutions where gaps may exist.

Connecting people to information, support and guidance

There is a vast array of support available in Dorset, but many people do not know what is out there. This is a vital part of our work. We invest time and energy into developing ways to connect people to the information they need and to access the information, support and guidance they require.

Ultimately, we want people to know where to go and how to access what they need, whenever the need arises.