Expanding Horizons in the Dorset Council Area

Published on 21 November, 2023

With even more travelling across Dorset’s ever-evolving landscape, Bekki’s month shows her commitment to collaboration, education, and the betterment of communities across the region.

To promote collaborative working and to support the initiatives that cater to the unique needs of their communities, Bekki has been meeting with Bridport Town Council and Dorchester Town Council.

A big part of Bekki’s recent focus is on safeguarding awareness and investigating a cross-sector approach involving the VCS major players such as the Dorset Youth Association and Volunteer Centre Dorset to promote a consistent, standardised offer that addresses the current gap in safeguarding training.

Bekki also attended health literacy training, supporting CAN’s commitment to empowering communities with the necessary tools to enhance health literacy and promote well-being. It’s been a busy month, with special thanks to Claire, Caroline, Mike, Emma, Lilly, Marie, Jon & Lesley for their time.

If you are a community group in the wider-Dorset area, you can contact bekki.stalker@can.org.uk for any questions you may have.