A better life – well designed housing for later life and people with long term conditions

Published on 2 February, 2023

Dorset Council is thinking about the housing older people need and what new housing needs to be built to ensure they remain independent. As well as thinking about the design of housing and support services, for people who have care needs or disabilities.

The following issues are being explored:

  • Dorset’s older person population is significant, is growing and is getting older
  • Dorset has one of the highest older person populations in England and Wales
  • More of Dorset’s older residents own their own home, compared to England and the Southwest
  • However, a significant number of Dorset’s older people live in rented accommodation

What do we want to achieve:

  • Supporting Dorset’s older residents, so they do not need to go into a care home when they need care
  • Building well-designed and accessible housing and neighbourhoods, which work well for people with disabilities
  • Support and care services and new technologies, which help people with care needs remain in a home of their own
  • Offering people with care needs choice and control over where they live and where they can remain until end of life

They are setting up a group of community groups, advocates and experts by experience who can help them achieve the above.