BCP Council cut funding to Volunteering and Voluntary Sector

Published on 12 May, 2023

Hello everyone,

BCP Council have announced they are making significant cuts to our funding. Details are available from the BCP website – Officer Decision Record (pdf)

CAN trustees have issued the following statement:

“BCP Council cutting 87% of our funding to support local charities, community groups and the thousands of volunteers who give their time to support others is a terrible blow. CAN works tirelessly to support community resilience and help people stay well, saving precious Council and NHS resources. We hope the newly elected Councillors will show they value this important community work and reassess the impact these devastating cuts will have.

“Last year CAN supported nearly 2,000 people to volunteer, 28 charities and community groups to set up and over 500 local groups with our expert advice and training to build a strong and vibrant voluntary sector. We champion and represent the sector, facilitate great local networking and encourage people to work together with and for the benefit of our communities. We also deliver many projects all aimed at helping people and saving the Council time and money. We stood shoulder to shoulder with the Council and NHS through the pandemic and beyond, so cutting investment to this essential work by 87% is not only shocking but will have a detrimental effect to many residents.”