Don’t be fooled! Stay alert to Courier Fraud

Published on 14 May, 2024

Dorset Police are urging residents to be aware of courier fraud, a scam targeting people over the phone. Fraudsters impersonate banks, police, or other trusted authorities, claiming to detect fraudulent activity on an account. They pressure victims to withdraw cash or reveal bank details, then send a courier to collect it supposedly for “safekeeping.”

Here’s how to protect yourself:

  • Banks and police will never ask you to withdraw cash or hand over bank details via phone.
  • Don’t rush into decisions. Take time to verify information directly with your bank.
  • If unsure, hang up and call the police on 101.

Dorset Police are committed to preventing courier fraud. Download a free poster to raise awareness in your community.

Remember: By staying vigilant, we can stop these scammers in their tracks.