Local NHS mental wellbeing service launches new, easy-to-use website

Published on 5 May, 2023

A free NHS mental health support service has launched a new-look website which makes accessing help simpler than ever.

Steps2Wellbeing provides talking therapies, online courses and guided self-help for Dorset residents who are feeling down, stressed or worried. It also helps people who are having problems at work or living with a long-term health condition to improve their mental wellbeing.

The new website includes a ‘How we can help’ section that simply and clearly explains who Steps2Wellbeing is for, what treatment it can offer and how to complete a self-referral form.

Visitors can also use Wysa, a digital assistant that guides people through the online referral process as well as providing useful resources and advice before treatment begins.

And the site features short, informative videos that answer commonly asked questions about mental wellbeing and what the NHS Dorset HealthCare-run service can do to help.

The videos cover topics like ‘What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?’ and ‘How can Steps2Wellbeing help if I have a long-term health condition?’ These videos, and more, are also available on the Steps2Wellbeing YouTube channel.

Joel Hooper, Steps2Wellbeing Business Manager, said:

“This website has been designed to be easy for everyone to use and help people find the information they need quickly.

“It also gives local residents more choice in how they access wellbeing support – via an online form, over the phone or by using Wysa – so we can help people to manage common mental health issues before they become something more serious and improve their lives.”

Lauren Scott, Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner at Steps2Wellbeing, said:

“From a therapist’s point of view, the new website provides a simple and informative place to start your journey with Steps2Wellbeing. If you have been experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, there’s bitesize information on how we can help.

“Once you are on the website, there are different options for getting in touch with us. One of those is through our NHS approved digital assistant Wysa, that can provide you with information right away to help you start to manage your symptoms.”

Visit the new Steps2Wellbeing website at www.steps2wellbeing.co.uk