Mental health apps for young people

Published on 8 December, 2023

Public Health Dorset is pleased to announce the launch of a resource of trusted Mental Health Apps to young people in Dorset. These self-care and well-being apps have been carefully selected to support the mental and emotional health of young people.

Research has shown that young people can find it difficult to know what to choose when looking for an app to support their mental health. Public Health Dorset and Our Dorset collaborated to collate a list of apps that are free to download and use, and meet with criteria including safety, quality, and variety.

You can find the list being hosted by Our Dorset  and Dorset Youth Association, where there is a detailed breakdown of each app, including their specific benefits. Understanding how each app operates can empower young people and their parents to choose the one that best suits their needs. It will be reviewed every six months to ensure the included apps continue to meet the criteria and to add any new apps.

Please share the list as widely as you can, it could be just what someone needs, thank you.