ACTS FAST & Ara Recovery For All

Published on 10 November, 2023

To celebrate International Men’s Day this week we’re pleased to feature two groups who help men across BCP and Dorset. The first is ACTS FAST which works with parents of children who have experienced child sexual abuse. Fathers can access their Trauma Support and Counselling services which provide emotional support and allow them to process their trauma and understand the impact of trauma on their children, wider family and community.

One of their male clients said ‘Thank you for just being there, it was such a relief to talk to someone. I felt so alone with this.’


Call: 01202 797217

Next up is Ara Recovery For All. Part of the National Gambling Support Network, they provide early help and advice, free and confidential support, counselling, workshops and relapse prevention for anyone suffering gambling-related harms. The majority of Harmful Gamblers are men. Men were more likely to be identified as engaging in at-risk or problem gambling than women. The service is for both the person engaging in harmful gambling, as well as anyone affected by someone else’s gambling. Support is provided via telephone, Teams, Zoom or in person.

Kai from Ara said ‘With International Men’s Day on November 19th we’d love to reach out and continue to support all men suffering from Gambling Related Harms.  Over the coming months, I will be working all over the county to allow for people to be able to ‘drop in’ for further information.’


Call: 0330 1340 286