Protect your organisation with cyber security services

Published on 7 December, 2023

Charities are increasingly becoming targets of cyber-attacks, with 32% of UK businesses being targeted last year. However, many of them do not have the resources or knowledge to protect themselves effectively. That’s why we are pleased to recommend the South West Cyber Resilience Centre.  

The Centre is a partnership funded by the Home Office an offers free and inexpensive cyber services for local groups and third-sector organisations. Membership includes a newsletter, toolkits, and resources, plus a free consultation. They also provide a simple, bite-sized programme to coach you gently through the process of reducing key risks with personal contact to make sure everything is okay. CAN will be working with the Centre and will be looking to host some webinars and training in 2024. 

Their services are particularly valuable for charities and small businesses who find it hard to know where to start. The Centre offers a one-stop-shop that helps you get safer and stay safer. They also offer more bespoke services at low costs, with top-quality undergraduates from local universities who are checked, trained, supervised, and monitored by national experts.  

If you’re looking for more complex services, the Centre has a network of ‘cyber expert partners’ who have the right national accreditations to demonstrate a level of technical competence to work with you. They can signpost you to them so that you know you’re using someone reputable. 

Protecting your business from cyber attacks is essential, and the South West Cyber Resilience Centre offers you the support you need to achieve this.  

The Centre is supported by household names like Microsoft, KPMG, and the Very group. As part of a national police-led network, they have centres covering the entirety of England and Wales, and with a consistent offering and ethos. You can see more about their and register for free core membership at