Refugee Support seek Bournemouth base for new Dignity Centre

Published on 6 October, 2023

Refugee Support Europe are hoping to open a new dignity centre in Bournemouth Town Centre which will act as a community hub for those living in temporary accommodation and awaiting their asylum decisions. With an open-door policy and a welcoming space, people can ‘shop’ for what they need, connect, ask questions, and feel supported by the local community.

They are currently seeking a suitable premise to deliver this service, below is an outline of what this may look like:

Location specifications: Bournemouth Dignity Centre & Market

  • Required 1 to 2 locations.
  • Location 1: Potential Dignity Centre and Dignity Market Space at street level with shop front (possibly with storage space/basement for donations and sorting).
  • Where the Dignity Centre/Market is too small, we may need to locate a separate storage/sorting space.
  • Dignity Centre/Market- Close to Bournemouth Town Centre, and the 4/5 hotels around Old Christchurch Road, Holdenhurst Road, BH1 area, approx. 15 minutes maximum walking distance.
  • Upwards of 400sqf- Dignity Centre space
  • Upwards of 150sqf storage/ back store/warehouse space.

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