Room to Reward

Published on 31 August, 2022

These fantastic well deserving volunteers won a weekend break from the charity Room to Reward for their outstanding service above and beyond for the vaccination community! 

CAN cannot be prouder. Pictured with our CEO Karen, Lou SVC Lead, and DHC vaccination staff. 


Janice O’Halloran works, provides childcare for her grandchildren and bakes EVERY week she is on shift! It all comes out of her own pocket and she has won an army of admirers!!


Peter Martin has taken his own time to source and overhaul the outside planters at KP to ensure it is a pleasant environment for us all to work in.


Susan Allibone has also bought in excess plants for the planters.  Susan, a retired nurse and midwife has been a calming presence at both the BIC and Kings Park.


Terry Fulkes has given up his own time to help decorate the sensory rooms at Kings Park, even bringing in his own tools to do the job!


Pete Unsworth has kept spirits high not only at the BIC and Kings Park but has pitched in at pop-up clinics and volunteer fairs!