Strengthening Dorset’s Voluntary Sector: 2024 Charity Trustee Survey

Published on 14 May, 2024

CAN empowers Dorset’s VCS through advice, training, resources, and advocacy. Trustees, the backbone of charities, ensure organisations operate effectively and deliver on their missions.

This report summarises the findings of a survey conducted among 172 charity trustees in Dorset, aiming to understand their demographics, knowledge of their roles, and needs for support. The report provides valuable insights into the composition of the local trustee landscape. It assesses the level of understanding trustees have regarding their responsibilities and identifies areas where knowledge gaps exist. Based on these findings, the report highlights opportunities to enhance trustee support through targeted training and resources developed by CAN.

By addressing the needs identified in this report, CAN can equip trustees with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective governance, ultimately strengthening the voluntary sector within Dorset and BCP.