Supporting communities to get Ready for Winter.

Published on 10 November, 2023

Our Wellbeing Collaborative team had a great time attending the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust (HACT) ‘Getting Ready for Winter’ events across 6 locations in the BCP area in recent weeks.

The events had a melting pot of charities, from Age UK BPED to Pramalife and services such as NatWest and HSBC alongside the Access to Food Partnership and Friendly Food Club, all coming together to give people information and support ahead of winter.

L-R Julie (NatWest), Jenny (HSBC) and Sarah (Wellbeing Collaborative Pathway Coordinator).

It proved to be a great platform for collaboration and networking, surrounded by fantastic voluntary and community organisations making an impact within their work. We were pleased by the busy footfall and showcased the need for similar events where people can hear about services they may not otherwise find. It also allowed us to engage with people, face to face, in different locations and we’re looking forward to where we can give our support next!

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