Don’t be a superhero in hiding: Take CAN’s survey and help the VCS thrive

Published on 3 May, 2024

Dorset’s voluntary and community sector (VCS) is a true hero. From food banks to mental health support groups, these incredible charities and groups are the backbone of our community, providing vital services that keep people safe, healthy and connected. 

But even superheroes need a helping hand. The last year has thrown us all some serious challenges, and many are struggling to keep up with increasing demand.  As Dorset’s largest infrastructure charity, CAN supports the VCS with training, advice, resources, and volunteer connections, but to offer the most effective support possible; we need to hear from YOU!

This is where CAN’s annual State of the Sector Survey comes in… 

By taking this 30-minute online survey, you’ll play a vital role in shaping the future of the VCS in Dorset. Your answers will help us understand the current challenges faced by charities and groups, and how CAN should best support their resilience. 

Here’s how your participation makes a difference: 

  • Develops essential services: The survey results will guide CAN in developing training programs, resources, and volunteer initiatives that directly address your needs. 
  • Lobbying for what matters: We’ll use your insights to advocate for better funding and support for the VCS at local and national levels. 
  • Bridging the gaps: By understanding the challenges faced, CAN connects charities and organisations to create a more collaborative VCS network. 

Ready to step out of the shadows and become a real-life superhero? Take CAN’s State of the Sector survey and help us ensure that Dorset’s charities and groups continue to thrive. 

The survey is easy to complete online and takes just 30 minutes of your time. Get started and make your voice heard!


Together we can build a more resilient and supportive VCS for a stronger Dorset.