CAN support the VCS

The local voluntary and community sector makes an amazing difference, and deserves a bigger voice. We create conditions where everyone’s voice is valued and heard; by facilitating great local networking and communication across the system.


  • Champion, celebrate, and promote the work of our sector to support, enable and encourage joined up working (not only within the VCS but with our public sector colleagues).
  • Being representative of the VCS in Dorset and the point of contact, reference, and information for the sector. Identifying need and effectively communicating, developing, and influencing policy.
  • Enable effective involvement and codesign of services through meaningful community connection. We do this through our VCS Involvement Partners, Leaders exCHANGE and Networks.

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Bringing the sector together to share, collaborate and support the great work that’s happening, at our free network events …

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'Going Green Together' Forum

Climate change affects us all, but through climate action we can work towards a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone …

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VCS Involvement Partners

Creating conditions for community-led empowerment through strategic forums. Find out about VCSIPs and how to become one …

Read: Community heroes in the spotlight

Community Heroes in the Spotlight

Local charities, large and small make a phenomenal contribution to our area. CAN are here to champion and support them …

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Trusted Voices

A project to help us better engage on health issues with the broad range of communities across Dorset …

Read: Dorset VCS Assembly

Dorset VCS Assembly

A new Assembly for the Voluntary and Community Sector for both the Dorset Council and BCP Council areas …

Access to Health Care

We have funding of £5,000 available to 5 groups to work with CAN and Public Health Dorset.

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Access to Community Support & Services Project

Partnering with NHS Dorset to enable trusted data to be shared in a smart and secure way.

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Dorset Innovation Hub

Using new innovations to support patients and our communities across Dorset 

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NHS Dorset Joint Forward Plan

We’ve been speaking up for local voluntary and community groups in our work with NHS Dorset and other partners to develop this new plan, and ensure it includes how we can all work together and serve our communities.

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VCS Representation

Through our VCS Involvement Partners we are able to coordinate communication and consultation mechanisms where evidence is required to support local decision making.

Read: Digital Systems Project

ICS Explained

What is an Integrated Care System and how does the VCSE sector get involved? Here we explore how the NHS works and how it is changing.