Carer Support Dorset

Community Hero in the Spotlight, June 2024

Carers Week: Celebrating and Supporting Unpaid Carers

Carers Week takes place from June 10th to 16th. It’s a national campaign to raise awareness of the vital role unpaid carers play in our communities. This year’s theme is Putting Carers on the Map.

Throughout the week, organisations supporting carers will be reaching out to the community to:

  • Identify hidden carers: Many people don’t see themselves as carers, even though they provide crucial support to loved ones.
  • Raise awareness of available support: There are many resources available to help carers with the challenges they face.

Carers Week aims to:

  • Highlight the challenges faced by unpaid carers.
  • Recognise the incredible contribution carers make to our communities.
  • Encourage people to identify themselves as carers and access the support available.

Carer Support Dorset: Our Community Heroes

We’re shining a spotlight on Carer Support Dorset as our Community Hero this June. They are a fantastic organisation dedicated to supporting unpaid carers across Dorset.

On Monday, June 10th, from 1- 4 pm, Carer Support Dorset is hosting an event in Ferndown to showcase the support they offer. This event is a great opportunity to learn more about available resources and activities for carers and the wider community.

How Carer Support Dorset Helps

Carer Support Dorset provides a range of services to help carers in many ways, including:

  • Listening and providing emotional support: Sometimes, just having someone to talk to can make a big difference.
  • Information and guidance: Carer Support Dorset can help carers navigate the complex system of support services and find the best fit for their unique situation.
  • Financial aid: Financial assistance may be available to help with the extra costs associated with caring.
  • Peer support: Carer Support Dorset connects carers with others who understand the challenges they face. This can be a valuable source of emotional support and practical advice.
  • Training opportunities: Carer Support Dorset offers training programs to help carers develop the skills and knowledge they need to care for their loved ones.
  • Dorset Carer ID and discount card: The Dorset Carer ID provides access to discounts and benefits for carers.

Supporting Young Carers

Carer Support Dorset recognizes the unique challenges faced by Young Carers (aged 18 or under who care for a family member or friend). They offer individualized support through a dedicated Young Carer Coordinator. This support can include:

  • Advocacy at school, work, or further education.
  • Emotional support and a listening ear.
  • Opportunities to connect with other Young Carers through online meetups, face-to-face events, and activities.

Carer Support Dorset encourages Young Carers to know they are not alone and to join their supportive community.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Support

Carer Support Dorset understands the challenges of caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. They can provide:

  • A listening ear: Talking about the changes you’re experiencing and their impact on you can be a huge help.
  • Information and guidance: Carer Support Dorset can help you access specialist dementia services in Dorset.

Contact Carer Support Dorset

Freephone: 0800 368 8349


Let’s celebrate and support the amazing carers in our communities!