Our Wellbeing Volunteers are here to support people to live their happiest and healthiest lives. If you, or the person you are working with, needs a little bit of practical support, is feeling down, or needs to find their feet again after being in hospital, we can help.  

Face-to-Face Befriender

Now more than ever, we know the importance of connection and what impact it has on our wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Buddies are there to bring a little happiness to someone’s day, helping them to develop confidence and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. They do this through meeting someone each week for up to 12 weeks. Some things they might do to support someone are going for walks, going on public transport, meeting over a cuppa or just offering some company in their normal routine.

Telephone Befriender

We all need a good chat every now and then and that is just what our volunteers can offer. Chatting to one of our friendly and kind telephone Wellbeing Buddies involves weekly conversations for up to 12 weeks. They give a listening ear and a little bit of company to brighten someone’s day. People who have spoken to a Wellbeing Buddy have said “She was just the friend I needed” and that talking to them “Left me with power, knowledge, support, and the ability to cope with things I might not have before”. 

Refer for a Wellbeing Volunteer 

Currently, we are accepting referrals from professionals. We hope to accept self-referrals in the future. If you would like to refer someone for a Wellbeing Volunteer (any of the above volunteers), please complete this form: