Access Wellbeing (AW) updates

Published on 3 July, 2024

Interim Head of Access Wellbeing appointment

Amy Maloney is the Interim Head of Access Wellbeing and will serve as the primary point of contact for any enquiries. She has been an invaluable member of the BCHA team for the past three years, initially serving as the Senior Practitioner for the Recovery Houses before transitioning to the role of Business Manager for BCHA’s Mental Health Services. Amy has extensive experience working closely with local authorities, Dorset Healthcare, partners, and other voluntary sector partners. Her original background in law and her successful mobilisation of the University Retreat & Pepperell House in 2023, make her exceptionally well-suited for the role.

Access Wellbeing recruitment

BCHA has initiated the universal recruitment process for Access Wellbeing, focusing on filling key roles such as the Partnership Manager, Partnership Coordinator and Safeguarding Lead. These roles are crucial for maintaining and developing relationships with Dorset’s partners, including Primary Care Networks, Community Mental Health Teams, GPs, VCSE and many more. Recruitment is a top priority this month as they continue to develop hub spaces and forge additional partnerships.

Access Wellbeing Hubs: Boscombe Hub Development

BCHA are thrilled to announce the development of a third hub space in Boscombe. BCHA will operate the new location on Boscombe High Street, developed with BCHA Learn’s existing site, enhancing capacity to serve the community effectively.

Expression of Interest for Additional Partners

A separate communication inviting expressions of interest from additional partners to join Access Wellbeing will be distributed in the coming weeks. They look forward to expanding the network and collaborating with more organisations to enhance service offerings and community impact.

Test of Concept Sites

Weymouth & Portland Hub had a record-breaking month with 509 people using the space. Phil Summers, Weymouth and Portland Hub customer, said “The service and support from Debbie and the team at the Lantern Trust has significantly improved my life and positively impacted those around me. When I first met the team, I had been struggling despite visits to the GP and support from Steps 2 Wellbeing.

The advice I received was insufficient, and my mental health deteriorated. After months on Mirtazapine and reaching rock bottom, I broke down at the doctor’s office, leading to a referral to Debbie. Debbie’s plan to adjust my medication, coupled with the team’s support, allowed me to talk openly and safely. My life began to turn around, especially at home with my wife and daughter. I rediscovered my love for cooking and became more engaged in family activities. Without the Lantern Trust, I don’t think I would be here. They gave me back my life, and I am deeply grateful for their invaluable service.”