Being a Charity Trustee (March)

A comprehensive introduction to being a trustee, with plenty of opportunities for questions throughout.

This course is for organisations and individuals living in Dorset.

What will you achieve?

This will be a simple but comprehensive introduction to being a trustee.

Plenty of opportunities for questions throughout

What does the course cover?

What is a charity?

What is a trustee and what does a trustee do?

What are their legal responsibilities, as an individual and a group?

What are the possible liabilities and how to manage them?

How to be an effective trustee and why be a trustee?

Who is the course for?

People wanting to know more about the role, benefits and responsibilities of being a trustee.

Existing trustees who want a refresher about their roles and responsibilities.

The course tutor  

Steve Place is the Senior Advisor at CAN and has worked with and in the charity sector for over 40 years. He has been a trustee himself for a range of charities including small and large, local and national, new and established.

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