Holocaust Memorial Day Committee

Community Hero in the Spotlight, January 2023

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new Community Heroes for this month, the Bournemouth and Poole Holocaust Memorial Day Committee (HMDC), who run an annual event to commemorate those lost in the Holocaust and following genocides.

This year’s event will be on 29th January from 2pm at Poole Lighthouse. Bookings at Eventbrite or you can find tickets in your local library. Suitable for ages 12+.

The main speaker will be Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines, MBE, who was on the last Kindertransport train that left Prague on 31st July, 1939. She was one of the 669 children saved by Trevor Chadwick, our local hero, who saved their lives by organising these trains.

As well as organising this event the Committee members lead assemblies and lessons about the Holocaust Memorial Day for Years 8 and above.  They also go into schools to talk to younger children about the Holocaust in an age-appropriate way.

Lynda Ford-Horne from HMDC, said “Talking to youngsters about the Holocaust is really important as they need to know how such hatred begins in small ways and can develop into the horrors of the Holocaust and Genocides.”

Listen here to Lynda on Hope FM, with our Engagement Lead, Hannah Rees and host Blair Crawford