Meet the Funder – Lloyds Bank Foundation

Are you a Dorset-based group or charity in search of innovative ways to secure funding for your initiatives? Meet the Lloyds Bank Foundation and its potential to catalyse your group's growth.

£19.6m awarded in funding in total – Empowering Change with Lloyds Bank Foundation

Lloyds Bank Foundation work in partnership with small and local charities, people and communities, changing lives and working towards a more just and compassionate society. They strengthen the small and local charities that support them and the communities they live in and advocate for a better future.

“We work in partnership with charities and communities that understand the needs and aspirations of people and can make a lasting difference to their lives. We provide flexible, unrestricted funding and additional support to develop to help charities grow stronger and thrive beyond the lifetime of their grant.

Our focus is where our combination of funding and additional support can make the greatest impact on those we partner with. Our programmes aim to give charities the stability and freedom to use the funding as they best see fit.

We will be opening an additional funding programme later this year”.

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