Introduction to The Fishermen’s Mission

Published on 5 May, 2023

Introduction to The Fishermen’s Mission

Hayley Hamlett here and I am fortunate to be your local Mission Area Officer for the Fishermen’s Mission. Covering Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, the Isle of Wight/Sheppey and the Channel Islands.

The Fishermen’s Mission understand the fishing life and know what it means to be a fisherman or be part of a fisherman’s family. We know the ups and downs, the uncertainty, the dangers, and the hardships in a way that nobody else can.

We support active and former fishermen, sea going staff working in the aquaculture industry, along with migrant fishermen working on UK fishing vessels.

We provide a 24-hour emergency response to any fishing vessel working in UK waters, assisting with injury, illness or loss at sea.

On land we are keen to be at the heart of the fishing communities, we meet regularly with current or former fishermen and their families providing a listening ear and well equipped practical assistance, making connections to a lifeline of many services.

Very often we are someone to talk to when life is a struggle or if there is a bereavement close to home. Our staff are trained listeners and can help access additional support which may be practical, financial, or pastoral. Fishing around the coastline can be a lonely job it is also the most dangerous occupation in the world. Accidents and emergencies and loss at sea happen regularly. All income is reliant on multiple factors and a fisherman’s skills are not transferable when a change may be needed.

At sea, on the quayside and at home – The Fishermen’s Mission is there for families of active and former fishermen’s and we can help with educational costs (trips, uniforms, laptops and possible transport costs).

Part of my role is connect to as many organisations who may either come across fishermen and their families and can actively signpost to us and vice versa. Please make contact with me with any queries and to arrange a cuppa and a chat.

Email: Tel: 07827 965 243