Access to Food Partnership

Community Hero in the Spotlight, April 2024

Our Community Heroes in the Spotlight are the award-winning Access to Food Partnership. This partnership between CAN, Faithworks, BCP Council, Public Health Dorset and other Voluntary and Community Sector groups has a mission to enable people to have easy access to healthy food, at all times.

The Access to Food Map helps people find food when and where they need it. The Partnership also brings together food providers from the VCS to share resources, expertise, excess food and more.

If your organisation provides food in any way (through lunch clubs, afternoon tea, pantries, fridges, foodbanks etc) then you can join the Access to Food Partnership, which meets quarterly and can support with accessing:

  • Food Safety training
  • Safeguarding training
  • How to set up a Community Fridge
  • How to talk about Mental Health

The Partnership also has a Grass Roots Fund for members to apply for £200 – 500.

If you’re interested you can: