MAST – Men Actively Standing Together

Community Hero in the Spotlight, June 2022

Our Community Hero in the Spotlight for June is MAST (Men Actively Standing Together) a new project within the charity, Green Front Door.

MAST was launched in 2021 and was developed to help men who are victims of domestic abuse, as well as those who were struggling through poor mental health or difficult circumstances. They want to see friendships formed and for them to support each other through difficult circumstances such as domestic abuse or other forms of coercion and controlling behaviours.

MAST’s aims are ambitious. They want to encourage men who have struggled emotionally through relationships or difficult obstacles to overcome the challenges they face in their lives.

They have three objectives:

  1. Men will engage with a series of support interventions that aim to enable them to stand strong in their lives.
  2. Men taking part will form supportive friendships with other men connected to the MAST initiative. The MAST coordinator will seek to ensure that these friendships are enabling and encouraging.
  3. Friendship groups will be formed that seek to help other men who are struggling.

MAST is especially formed to help and enable men who have been affected by unhelpful and difficult circumstances, domestic abuse or other forms of coercion and controlling behaviours.

This is mainly done through a monthly breakfast at the Waterlily Café in Christchurch where men can connect with others and a team of Community Connectors to access support.

For more information about MAST and how you can access their support please contact Colin on 07944 427760.