Uplift Women. Uplift Society.

Community Hero in the Spotlight, July 2023

‘Uplift Women. Uplift Society.’ is the motto of Community Action Networks Community Hero in the Spotlight for July – Inara Project – a women’s empowerment organisation working to uplift women from all backgrounds in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Inara Project is a group of women who recognised the power women have to support vulnerable members of society. Through encouraging girls like themselves to get involved in charity work and making a difference to the lives of those in need, they aim to create a fairer and more positive society. Inara Project hope they can raise the future generation to be role-models for the next. As Muslims, they wanted to fulfil their own religious obligations of charity, whilst being an inclusive and welcoming network for all, no matter their religion or beliefs.

They have done this by reaching out the hand of friendship and creating unique volunteering opportunities for young women, such as project management, event management, fundraising and campaigning, marketing, networking, policy writing, research and contributing to creating services which serve vulnerable women.

Rajni Mahzabin, co-founder, said “Inara Project has managed to create a community of friendship that welcomes all women from any background and age and, because it is a unique organisation, it has attracted remote volunteers from around the country and even internationally who all work behind the scenes to contribute to the BCP area, despite not residing here.”

Throughout July we’ll be celebrating the International Day of Friendship (30th July) by sharing their fantastic work.

Some of their friendship projects have included:

  • Homeless food drives
  • Luxury Care Packages drive for a women’s refuge
  • A sewing project in Boscombe where vulnerable women learn or build their sewing skills and create items to sell for charity
  • Discussion circles for women to speak about topics of their choosing and giving a platform to their voices
  • A community kitchen in Kinson where female refugees cooked for the homeless, encouraging them to communicate in the universal language of food, share their cultural cuisines and give back to others who are less fortunate
  • Community socials and female only Iftars, the first of their kind at Poole Mosque
  • Health promotion events for women from ethnically diverse backgrounds
Listen here to the Hope FM interview with Rajni and Nawsheen from Inara Project, together with Hannah, CAN’s Engagement Lead